The LANAP Protocol — A Modern Alternative

LANAP is a revolutionary, non-surgical alternative to traditional gum disease treatment options. The LANAP protocol uses a dental laser rather than a scalpel to regenerate both soft tissue and bone. Allowing gums to stay intact, encouraging stimulation and regeneration, reducing post-operative pain, and optimizing recovery time, LANAP has proven to be a game changer. Periodontist Dr. Scrivo is LANAP-certified and has completed in-depth LANAP surgical therapy training, ensuring the highest level of periodontal care.

Common Questions and Answers on Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP™)

How does LANAP work?

LANAP is a two-step procedure that involves removing tartar and sealing the gum pocket. First, we insert a tiny laser fiber between the tooth and the gums to clear away the infection and remove tartar and plaque. Next, we use the laser to form a blood clot that seals the pocket. Typically, we treat one half of the mouth at the first appointment and the other half at a second visit.

Does LANAP hurt?

We administer local anesthesia to ensure our patients are comfortable, and due to the lack of incisions made, there is minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

How long does LANAP take?

Depending on the severity of your case, this procedure may require multiple visits, but a two-appointment treatment is most common. When we discuss your treatment plan with you, we will also review the treatment time.

What should I expect post-op?

Since laser therapy involves no incisions, recovery time is minimal. However, your gums may change color or slightly swell, bleed or feel sore. This is normal, and we recommend over-the-counter medications to control any discomfort.

Most patients are able to drive themselves home after surgery. Dr. Scrivo and our staff will review with you all aftercare instructions following the procedure, including what to eat, how to clean, and what to expect as you heal.

What are the benefits of LANAP?

The LANAP protocol has been widely used for many years because it requires minimal cutting and stitching of gums. An alternative to traditional methods, this treatment allows for:

  • Less post-operative pain
  • A quicker recovery
  • Minimal damage to the gums
  • Natural regeneration and healing of gum tissues

How much does LANAP cost?

Your individual cost will depend on several variables, but most insurance carriers cover periodontal disease treatments. We are happy to discuss your coverage plan and financial arrangement options with you.

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