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Smile Gallery: Smile Enhancement with Botox

There are many facial muscles used to smile.  A very small amount of Botox can be used to actually enhance movement!  Can you believe that she is smiling in both of these photos?  Check out that beautifully enhanced brow!

In The News: Top Tips for Beautiful Teeth and Gums

Click here for the top tips for beautiful teeth and gums!  

Christmas Botox

All I want for Christmas is…Botox!  Did you know that it takes two weeks for Botox to take its full effect?  That means if you want to enhance your smile for all of those holiday photos, you should book your appointment right about now!

Holiday Giveaway!

There is only one week left to enter our holiday giveaway for a GORGEOUS Louis Vuitton bag!  Stop in (to our office), check in (on Facebook), and enter in (to our raffle)!

Smiles from Our Holiday Party

(from left–>right: Dr. Feins, Lori, Danielle, Keila, Dr. Peluso, Evelyn, Adrienne, Tacira, Elena, Mandy, Dr. Gordon, Beverly, Will, Meredith, Elena, Ashley, Phedra)

#tbt: Elena’s Baby Shower

Celebrating at Elena's Baby Shower! Posted by Allison Gordon, DMD on Monday, December 4, 2017

Sensitivity Toothpaste Interview

Dr. Gordon gave her thoughts for a new sensitivity toothpaste yesterday.  Check out some behind the scenes photos:

Botox Cyber Mondays!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!  We are open on Saturday, 11/25 if you need us!

Smile Gallery: Bonding on One Tooth

This patient did not like that one tooth appeared much shorter than the other.  Due to time limitations, bonding was carefully applied in one visit (she also had her cleaning the same day!).  Sometimes one tooth can make all the difference!