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Smile Gallery: White Spot Treatment

Now you it, now you don’t!  This large white spot was right on this patient’s front tooth since it erupted.  While overall she has lovely teeth, that spot was quite unsightly!  We fixed her right up without any drilling at all!  What a stunning smile!

Sensodyne Rapid Relief TV Commercial: Feel Better Now

Remember when Dr. Gordon was giving her opinion about Sensodyne? Catch her on TV (or click here)!  

Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!  We are open to serve you today, so give us a call!

“So I Received My First Valentine From a Secret Admirer”

Smile Gallery: Invisalign & 8 Veneers

Check out this incredible before and after shot!  This patient had Invisalign and 8 porcelain veneers.  Her treatment took over a year, but it was worth it!

“Is This Your First Time?”

Happy Post-Superbowl Monday!