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In The News: Moms and Their Teeth

“The Old Woman in the Shoe may have lost a tooth or two.  Nursery rhymes aside, a new study reports that the more children a woman has, the fewer teeth she has in her later years.”  Click here for the full article!  

“That Teeth Whitener Really Works.”

We are back open after the snow yesterday!  If you have questions about lifting the shade of your teeth, check our our earlier post here:

Botox for Dogs!?

Botox for Dogs!?  Just kidding!  Both filler and botox can be used to treat a number of oral-facial issues, including TMJ disorders and smile enchancement.  We would be happy to schedule a consultation for you with our doctors!

Don’t Push Your LUCK!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Smile Gallery: Four Veneers

Can you believe this is an 80-year-old’s smile?  Her bonding was failing and she wanted a upgrade, so that’s what we gave her!

Smile Gallery: Bleaching & Four Veneers

Four porcelain veneers were placed to upgrade these chipped teeth.  This patient chose to bleach before the veneers were started so that he could put forward his brightest and whitest smile.  You can see here that this patient did not smile very widely prior to his treatment in a subconscious effort to hide this teeth; […]