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Smile Gallery: Bonding

This patient wanted a simple way to better contour his teeth.  Even though his teeth were already touching, his unique anatomy made it appear that he had a gap.  Applying two composite restorations (“bonding”) addressed his concerns without a tremendous financial expense or time commitment.

Ready for the MOLAR Eclipse!

Beverly is ready for the MOLAR eclipse today!

“You Were There.”

Smile Gallery: Eight Veneers

We have a new addition to our smile gallery!  The patient below was troubled by her fractured bonding that had been done many years ago.  In order to address this cosmetic issue and her significantly worn dentition, eight porcelain veneers were completed.  Porcelain veneers are very thin facings to the teeth that can lengthen, recontour, […]

Dr. Gordon’s Picks: Luxe SPF Lip Balm

Now that we are into the dog days of summer, I’ve gone through quite a few different lip products with SPF.  SPF stands for “sun protection factor”, and it is a relative measure of how long a product will protect you from sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Ultraviolet rays cause damage to the outer layer of the […]