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Dr. Gordon’s Picks: Luxe SPF Lip Balm

Now that we are into the dog days of summer, I’ve gone through quite a few different lip products with SPF.  SPF stands for “sun protection factor”, and it is a relative measure of how long a product will protect you from sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Ultraviolet rays cause damage to the outer layer of the skin, and they are a major risk factor for skin cancer.  

My favorite lip protector is the “Sugar Lip Treatment” from Fresh.  It is SPF15 and includes grapeseed oil that helps to protect from damaging free radicals.  Sugar is also is a natural way to prevent the loss of moisture from the lips, so you stay nice and hydrated!  I particularly like the fresh lemony scent, which is great for both men and women.  The copper tube is also gender-neutral and keeps the balm cool so that it is resistant to melting in a hot car or beach bag.  Whichever lip protector you decide to use, I definitely recommend you do not venture outside without an SPF!



Dr. Gordon

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