“Are Dental X-Rays Safe?”

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Follow @dr.biancavelayo for more of her entertaining oral health minute videos! @dr.biancavelayo ・・・ 🔹Dental X-rays are so important for diagnosing oral health problems that we can’t see just by looking in your mouth! 🔹Digital X-rays expose you to less radiation than a 4-hour flight, living in a concrete building for a year, or smoking a pack of cigarettes everyday for a year. 🔹Your health is our #1 priority and we do everything we can to minimize your risk and exposure. 🔹Make sure you tell your dentist if you’re pregnant. It’s always best to wait until after you give birth to undergo dental procedures but if you’re having a dental emergency the second trimester is the most ideal time for dental X-rays and treatment! . . . . #oralhealthminute #oralhealtheducation #preventativedentistry #dentist #dentista #identistry #dentistrymyworld #dentist #dentalstudent #medstudent #dentalhygienist #oralhygiene #dentalhumor . . . This content is for informational purposes only, does not establish a standard of care, and is not a substitute for professional judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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