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Dr. Gordon’s Picks: Bungee Dental Floss

A routine trip to the drug store to stock up on supplies can turn into an overwhelming experience if you do not have a specific product in mind.  The dental aisle is rife with glitter and neon packaging, and the products promise to address problems that  you did not even know could actually be an issue!

Listerine is typically known for their powerful mouthwashes, and patients are extremely brand-loyal to this “tried and true” company.  I often recommend their UltraClean Dental Floss.  I particularly like this floss because it has a stretchy, bungee quality.  This allows the floss to fit into tight contact areas, and then it can “squeegee” the in-between spaces of the teeth.  Remember, the toothbrush bristles cannot clean between the teeth or under the gums!  This floss is shred-resistant, which is important for patients who find themselves with pieces left behind after completing their hygiene regimen.  Additionally, the specially-designed Micro-Grooves of the floss help to remove any additional plaque accumulation.  If you need a refresher on flossing, our hygienists are specially trained in oral hygiene instruction and offer great tips on proper technique!

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