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Smile Gallery: 8 Porcelain Veneers

View this post on Instagram The case of the missing teeth was solved when old veneers were replaced to create a more even and broad smile! #dentist #cosmeticdentist #drgordon #bergencounty #bestofbergen #bestofnj A post shared by Edward Feins D.M.D. (@drfeins) on Nov 9, 2018 at 11:03am PST  

“10 New Teeth, All in a Row: What It’s Actually Like to Get Veneers”

Check out one woman’s experience having veneers placed.  As she states, “Did my teeth make me uncomfortable? Yes…Do I have a genetic disposition to cavities, discoloration, all manner of dental issues? Yes. Did I decide it was okay to want to change something that bothered me? Yes. Choice is power!”

Smile Gallery: Bleaching & Two Veneers

This lovely patient was unhappy with her “wavy” front teeth.  She previously had bonding by several different dentists, but it always popped right off!  Bleaching and two veneers perfected her smile!

Smile Gallery: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This patient wanted to add subtle “bling” to her smile.  She purchased a 1.2mm diamond and had it placed on her canine!

“A Smile is like a Firework for your Face”

“A #smile is like a #firework for your face!” Are you thinking of improving your smile? Give us a call to arrange for a consultation! #dentist #dentistry #teeth #bergencounty #nj #happyfourth A post shared by Edward Feins D.M.D. (@drfeins) on Jul 4, 2018 at 5:20am PDT Are you thinking of improving your smile?  Give us […]

Smile Gallery: Instant Smile Makeover

This patient wanted beautiful teeth for his wedding, but he had very little time before the big day!  This “instant smile makeover” solved the problem, and now he can plan for comprehensive treatment.

“The Best Teeth-Whitening Products, According to Dentists”

Check out this crowd-sourced article for the best teeth-whitening products, according to dentists!

Smile Gallery: Four Veneers

This patient had old bonding that had become discolored over time.  Four veneers were placed to match the existing bridge on the patient’s right side.  She loves her new bold beautiful smile!

Smile Gallery: Fillers for Lips

This subtle enhancement with Juvederm filler gave this patient’s lips an overall more youthful appearance, and now we can see what color lipstick she is wearing!

Smile Gallery: Replacing Two Crowns

This patient had two crowns on her front teeth that were causing lots of problems!  The crown on the left side of the photo was chipped and was overall too short.  The crown on right was not contoured properly, making her gums extremely inflammed–to the point that she could not enjoy many different foods!  Her […]