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Smile Gallery: Accidents Happen

When accidents happen, we can help! We helped this lovely lady with bonding and a veneer! 

Smile Gallery: 8 Porcelain Veneers

View this post on Instagram The case of the missing teeth was solved when old veneers were replaced to create a more even and broad smile! #dentist #cosmeticdentist #drgordon #bergencounty #bestofbergen #bestofnj A post shared by Edward Feins D.M.D. (@drfeins) on Nov 9, 2018 at 11:03am PST  

Smile Gallery: Smoother Lines & Lifted Brows

View this post on Instagram Smoother lines and lifted brows are part of overall smile enhancement! Many patients use Botox as one part of their overall cosmetic dentistry treatment. #botox #cosmeticdentistry #njdentist #bestofbergen #bestofnj A post shared by Edward Feins D.M.D. (@drfeins) on Nov 2, 2018 at 9:08am PDT  

Smile Gallery: Four Veneers

Worn down teeth like to play hide and seek!  We lengthened the front four teeth using porcelain veneers to create a much bolder look for this executive!

Smile Gallery: Upgrading Old Crowns

This patient had two old crowns that made her “feel like a bunny”.  By using a more modern material, we upgraded her smile!

Smile Gallery: Bringing a Dead Tooth Back to Life

This patient had a long-dead tooth that really stood out from the pack (and not in a good way)!  After root canal treatment, we completed several rounds of internal bleaching, which is a process in which specially formulated whitening agent is placed **inside** the tooth.  We brought that tooth back to life!

Smile Gallery: Bleaching & Two Veneers

This lovely patient was unhappy with her “wavy” front teeth.  She previously had bonding by several different dentists, but it always popped right off!  Bleaching and two veneers perfected her smile!

Smile Gallery: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

This patient wanted to add subtle “bling” to her smile.  She purchased a 1.2mm diamond and had it placed on her canine!

Smile Gallery: Instant Smile Makeover

This patient wanted beautiful teeth for his wedding, but he had very little time before the big day!  This “instant smile makeover” solved the problem, and now he can plan for comprehensive treatment.

Smile Gallery: Four Veneers

This patient had old bonding that had become discolored over time.  Four veneers were placed to match the existing bridge on the patient’s right side.  She loves her new bold beautiful smile!